CALM provides and maintains cyber-secure intelligent systems to ensure the transmission of reliable and high quality electricity given uncertainties and flexibility in supply and demand

The CALM Power Broker is a proven cyber-secure intelligent Delivery Management System integrating cloud managed energy with substation managed energy. It's wired to a substation’s SCADA & relay protection systems, substation energy storage, and generation in order to fill the many gaps of providing reliable electric delivery.

This is essential given uncertainties and flexibility associated with inverter-based renewables, energy storage, and third party interoperability.

Third Party DER Integration

The CALM Power Broker securely integrates with third party DER directly using industry standards, and in combination with the utility’s existing ADMS, EMS, and DERMS systems to vigilantly manage reliable, high quality, electric delivery and provide DER monitoring and dispatch.
System Operators and Substation Operators are provided with the information they need to manage electric delivery on their terms, leaving immediate automated actions to the CALM Power Broker. 

Flexible DER Enablement

Enable your utility customers to participate in demand and supply response through the CALM Power Broker’s dispatching of DER supply and demand through scalable automated contract commitments to smart node edge devices. 
We provide turn-key process management of customer DER sign-up and integration, enabling low cost scalability of DER interconnections and programs, which then provides the reliable ongoing interoperability with these distributed  energy resources.