Dynamic Contingency Avoidance and Mitigation

Dynamic Contingency Avoidance

Unforeseen underwater stones can place the strongest of ships into grave peril from the damage of collision. Similarly, unforeseen risks to electric grid reliability can result in blackouts and catastrophic equipment damage. 
Electric grid operations are dominated by uncertainties from weather, electric market variations, utility equipment failure, and third party asset’s charging and discharging of power. Through learned knowledge of these uncertainties, grid characteristics, and availability of distributed energy resources, predictions of how a situation will most likely unfold become visible.  Opportunities then become clear on how to best mitigate bad events from taking place or cascading to worse outcomes.  These uncertainties can be continuously acted on by use of our computational decision-making coupled with management of distributed energy resources, providing a map to navigate clear of these vulnerabilities.  
CALM Power Broker’s proven technology can enable your electric system to steer clear of these exposures to unreliability from inverter based DER coupled with grid contingencies.

Risk Exposure

The CALM Power Broker Cloud system interoperates with both the utility information at the substation level and third party DER.  

It learns based on topological and machine learning models the dynamics of electric grid tie flows under various uncertainties and contingencies. 

It predicts the exposure of unreliability into the future, up to 72 hours, based on exogenous drivers to feeder tie flow.  

Mitigation plan

The prediction of unreliability exposure using these forecasted drivers of load and supply, enables the go forward prepared mitigation plan of DER dispatch, both owned by the utility and third-parties.  
When actual real time states change for the worse, the immediate change in plans for this contingency is automatically put in place to maintain reliable transmission of electricity to customers. 

Dynamic Contingency Avoidance and Mitigation System

Determine uncertainties in grid operations

Determine unreliability risk exposure

Enact a mitigation plan to pre-empt exposure

For more detail see CALM's U.S. Patent # 9,395,707